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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 13, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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program since he was in the eighth grade. mentors here say that he was finding his own path, he spent five years in a program that was dedicated to making a positive impact on the students who come here, counselors say that he wanted to go to college and they gave him a scholarship so that he could pursue his dreams. >> a dedicated young man very interested in supporting himself and his siblings and pursuing education and rededicating is time to doing that. >> the 20 year-old died when he was shot in the head on webster street. family members are morning and his grandfather told me that he was not involved in gangs. he died at the scene in the police have not made any arrests in a homicide. >> a special gathering just wrapped up at the middle
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school in san rosa to remember takimi rao authorities believe the 14 year-old may have died drinking too much alcohol during a slumber party at her home, her friend shared members--risk of the team on these posters, she was a straight a student she had just graduated from the eighth grade and was planning to go to high school in the fall. her history teacher cannot believe the teenager has passed away. >> whenever you have listed in and i have only been teaching three years this will be my fourth year coming up and it is like losing a child. i am not a mother myself, i can only imagine what is going through their minds right now, but for me, it completely, i hold it together as much as i can, but it is really difficult to even think that she's gone at 14 years old. it just should not happen. >> a public memorial service will be held on friday at 2:00 p.m. at st. james cathedral in san rosa, her family will hold a
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private burial following the service. a teenager accused of killing a 3 month old baby says that he is not guilty. this is 3 month old isaac garcia who was shot and killed last month when his family left a baby shower in east palo alto. his mother tried to save the child but she could not. j.r. stone was at the courthouse today and spoke with isaac's mother. >> for the first time since she was shot last month ivonne garcia lopez is walking on her own. >> i am actually feeling better i feel a little bit better. >> the young mother was leaving a baby shower in june according to the police to gunmen ambushed her family. her three month old was killed, she was shot along with the baby's father. one of the suspected shooters was 17 year-old fabian zaragoza who pled not guilty to murder charges. but his attorney has plenty of words. 2 in particular,
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not guilty. >> we have received no information at all that establishes that he fired the gun that killed a child. >> after last month's shooting shell casings were found scattered on the street, his defense... >> we have no ballistics, we have no fingerprint evidence he was at the scene but what has nothing to do with the shooting he was unaware of the shots being fired. he stood up to eight hours a police investigation, a sophisticated young man and denied being the person who fired the weapon. >> lopez is not commenting on the case of family members comforting her says their only hope is that justice be served. >> someone called it a case of mistaken identity saying that he was bid up by gang members a week before the shooting and looking to get revenge on gang members that he thought were in the car. his attorney would not comment on that only saying that his client did not fire a gun. reporting in san mateo county, j.r. stone
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with kron4 news. >> local police have a murder suspect heine bars banks for help from the community this 22 year old is expected in the may 26th shooting death of 17 year- old ditiyan franklin. they say that antony killed the leadership preparatory high school student as a result of a dispute between the two young man. the oakland police said that tips from the community led directly to his arrest. hazzig manyud has learned that oakland police are not asking the community for help once again to solve a recent violent armed robbery in the district. >> these blood stains on the front door of this residence at 25th avenue in oakland indicates just how close a 19 year-old man was to enter and leave his home. prior to being shot by an armed robber around 9:30 p.m. tuesday night. oakland police said that it happened shortly after the victim a 19 year-old asian male pulled his car into the driveway. as he exited the vehicle he was approached by
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a suspect that wanted his backpack. oakland police said that when he refused, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him and brought the victim of his backpack and took off running. neighbors who asked not to show their faces say that the street has experienced minor crimes before but nothing like this. >> you know, the stolen car, sometimes a lot of strangers go around the blood, nothing like that, that is a big deal for our street. >> it oakland police boat person jason scott says that investigators hope that the trend of community members coming ford continues as investigators said they have few leads in this case. >> the members of the community are tired of these crimes going on and they want to see something done. we know and i believe they know that we have to work together to been to solve some of these crimes. >> new details tonight into the failure of the state and federal parole system in
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monterey convicted sexual predator phillip garrido. last night you may remember that we shall the videos that garrido took of young children and of a parole agent. tonight dan kerman looks at some documents that showcased the perot systems mistakes. >> we have been sleeping in there. >> why is this door locked? >> an addition to the video of a parole agent during the garrido home and missing jaycee dugard being captive --being held captive in the backyard and another video of them videotaping children and a playground and the d.a. has released millions of information showing how they failed to monitoring the real. after his conviction of kidnapping in 1977 garrido writes this letter from prison saying that in all respects, my life has changed. i am so ashamed of my past. this
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1978 psychological evaluation concludes that garrido has progressed remarkably well and treatment. prognosis for a successful transition into the community is considered very good. this 1988 document from the state of nevada department of prisons says that garrido is not a menace to the health, safety and morals of society. that same year, the u.s. parole commission granted him parole saying that they would not jeopardize the public welfare. once on parole, one of his previous visit some--previous victim spotted him near her office and it is suggested that he get electronic monitoring the parole agent writes that electronic monitoring would be to much of a castle. february 15th of 1991 the parole officer writes this is a strange couple i have an uneasy feeling with this guy. less than four months later, garrido and his wife and snatch a jaycee dugard off the street where she is held in captivity and rate for 18 years. the district
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attorney decided to release these videos of garrido at the playground and the other documents to show everything that went wrong with the supervision of garrido when he was on parole. the el dorado county district attorney is expected to talk more about this at a public meeting next month. dan kerman with kron4 news. [music] >> a live look outside for our roof camera over downtown san francisco. right now we see broken fog close to the coastline but we will see the of fog preforming overnight bringing a little bit of drizzle. a look at our high temperatures today, they were critical closer to the coastline 58 degrees in sanford's is called 62 oakland, 62 also in hayward. reaching the '70's in the inland, but we will keep it on the cool side as we head to the next several days i will have those details coming up in a little bit.
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>> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started, still ahead a decision on whether or not to charge a man that was kicked off of a plane for wearing sagging pans. a 1 woman mission to crack down on people speeding in her south bay neighborhood. >> they say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but for thousands of people in san for its fiscal they got their lunch for $1 i will tell you how and my story, stay tuned. >> ofmail service has resumed in one vallejo community after the mail service was threatened and a male attendants refuse to make delivery for several days. >> people cannot agree on where to put a new ballpark in is turning into a dog fight. i will have the story coming up.
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and >> police say that this is
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the 24 year old his usual routine he appears well dressed stocks of the employee before getting a gun and grabbing the cash register and running off after a two-year crimes spree demand is now in police custody they found him hiding in a flower bed following a recent hotel robberies. ticket did this, the metrodome in minneapolis is finally back to normal is the hours long inflation process that took place this morning. heavy snow caused this roof to collapse last december forcing the minnesota vikings to play elsewhere for the rest of the season the official said that the new roof is made of material that a stronger than steel, and more wind resistant than the old one. take a look at this, the owner of wilbur, a potbellied pig in texas that legal notice from the homeowners' association it says that wilder has to go because livestock is not allowed but the owner says that her 60 lb pig is a pet
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with a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] and at&t customers prefer u-verse tv picture quality over comcast. even upgrade to over 160 hd channels. that's more than comcast can offer. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. brace yourself for the big, bold taste tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. it >> this woman had been standing here at the intersection since monday to remind drivers of the speed limit. why are you doing this? >> i am doing this because
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there are too many cars speeding going down my street and a lot of little kids and a lot of cars and i understand the budget is low and the police cannot help me in the city cannot help making so i decided--the city cannot help me so i decided it is my right under the constitution to change my little world and this is my little piece. we actually had a child heard i am not sure how long ago at the stop sign that is on mount rainier we have pulled multiple animals out of the street. some of the younger kids and think it is great sport to run over the animals. so i have rescued animals, and have a pet cemetery in our backyard. >> have you noticed any change is since to have been out? >> all the people i believe our neighbors and the on the street and have been very positive about it they are slowing down but the real
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offenders either flip me off, or you know something of that nature and i just smile and say thank you. >> well, sharee williams, i am sure your community appreciates your efforts in trying to make things better for the children at play there in the annals that run about in the neighborhood thank you for being here tonight to tell us about your mission. good luck. >> thank you. >> lake merritt dog park plan, dog owners and neighbors are in disagreement about where it should go the original plan that received approval back in december make space for the park at the corner of macarthur and lake shore, but opponents of the plan want the dog park out of sight in an oak grove behind children's fairyland. now and if vallejo neighborhood you can see that mail it to
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be picked up that is after nearly one week of no mail pickup or delivery. the post office discontinued service after a postal employee he says that a dog was let loose on the carrier. today it resumed after the postal service reached an agreement with the dog owner. an aide week-old puppy named attakus has been returned after being taken from the spca police say that a man was denied an adoption so it took off with the puppy. the workers had his name and track him down with facebook. they found the puppy at his apartment he is now safe and sound and awaiting adoption once again. [music] >> we had a pretty extensive fog out there this morning. it was everywhere, i will put this into motion and watch how of fog scaled back. it took awhile for to move back, you can see it moves from the bayshore to the 1:00 hour and then in
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the afternoon it starts to diminish. we will see the fog again tonight. the fog tracker for tomorrow shows it in these bayshore, mainly down in the peninsula, it starts to scale back by 9:00 a.m. moving quickly tomorrow morning but still lingering around the bayshores. the fog stick with us for the next several days i will have details on the plus a warm-up coming up in just a little bit. >> thousands of people were able to get a lunch for $1 today in san francisco jeff bush explained how they did it. >> it was the third roll out of the incident deals program, the $1 lunches were from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and the line was out the door at yoppi yogurt. >> starting today it will show you instant deals, and you can go and hear and see which ones. my wife called
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me while i was at work and said the juicy the instant deal from living social? she saw these $1 bills in san francisco she told me to check it out i have not tried this place he is so i thought i would give it a shot. >> more than 13,000 people to the vantage of the restaurants across the city. >> my mom afforded me the living social e-mail thing, i sent it out to the office and there was a frenzy this morning and now we are all here. >> of it is a good part of business we're letting other people know the we are here, we're doing a promotion with most other stores so people can get a little yoppi wherever they go. >> that is the idea for people to sign up for applications and the restaurant to get their names out there. >> we have a programming note to tell you about this friday we will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m.. will run the series finale of friday night
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lights that includes the highly acclaimed series. then date line at 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. monk be seen at 11:30 p.m.. that is this friday will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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>> protests today in san francisco the rally was a part of a solemn vigil taking place across the state today students and community leaders and workers all said the university executive should not balance the budget on the backs of working families. >> we're here because the regions of the university are in a three day meeting they are having dinner tonight in they need to hear from us. we have asked them to do the right thing, to work with us in sacramento to defend higher education, to work on improving the budget. >> state of california recently cut six and a half million dollars from the ec budget, one way to help close the gap was tuition hikes. a new basketball court in west oakland is thanks to efforts by the golden state warriors. and the oakland school police department. the state-of- the-art facility with glass backboards and a well marked asphalt court was built over the last year. it is funded by the war years
8:26 pm
and the good tidings foundation the oakland school police force see this as a way to foster relationship with the young students. damages a little over one year ago this was nothing more than an abandoned parking lot and you can see just in a short amount of time we have been able to build a safe place for kids to come to build positive relationships with the police, receive extra tutoring over the summer and religious learn life skills and know that people in this community care about them. >> the new basketball court come with a reading and learning center that opened three weeks ago. >> just ahead, a tragedy strikes in paradise kron4 grant lotus has more about how one man died and how a another man is still missing in hawaii stay tune.
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park >> new details about a young man shot and killed in san francisco. sean wilson attended a youth program and the parliament and the rector said that he was doing everything right and have plans to go on to college, no arrests have been made in the shooting. this middle school is opening up for those mourning the death of a teenage girl that died during a sleepover party at her home. tonight's even was
8:30 pm
aimed at allowing parents to talk with their students about trekking alcohol. a public memorial will be held on friday. the teenager accused of killing a baby in east palo alto appeared in court today, 17 year-old fabian zaragoza pleaded not guilty if he is accused of opening fire on a mother, father and their two children last month when there were leaving a baby shower. the police say that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity and was intended as an apparent retaliation of the beating that he received during a gang fight back in may. >> to bay area man died in hawaii just two days apart. both were vacationing along here when larger waves hit them. today we learn that paul tam-mai died on monday. they said that he was on the eastern side of the big island, right about there. that was in this place called hope why in paradise
8:31 pm
park. officials say that a wave just slammed him against the rocks and he fell into the ocean. this comes just two days after a man died along the west coast of maui, david potts has been missing since saturday they say a large wave knocked him into the blow hole that you see right there. let me give you a closer look into where this actually went down. the blow hole that you see right there is a popular tourist attraction i will launch some video that we found on youtube, that should give you an idea as we try to get this, actually i guess we do not have that video. if we can roll it without the touch screen? there you see it? that whole right there that is the blowhole that i
8:32 pm
am talking about and approved search for three days after a wave knocked him into that blowhole but they just could not find him. rob fladeboe reports on how hawaii offers plenty of the but it can also be deadly. >> the police identified the man that drowned on a sunday as called tam-mai of sunnyvale. they said he was climbing the rocks when he was swept out to sea. >> i was still a big wave came up and then swept him against the rocks and i was told that he just went out with the wave. >> they say he is not the first parish in these waters. >> over the years, we have had fatalities in that area. the water was rather rough that day from what it says.
8:33 pm
the ocean has always been very dangerous. >> on saturday police said a 44 year-old david potts a died after he was swept into a blowhole while hiking the beach near malawi. >> no charges for deshon marmen the young man that was kicked off of a plane and arrested for wearing sagging pants. case dismissed that was the announcement today by the san retail district attorney's office. this all started nearly one month ago on june 15th deshon marmen was arrested on suspicion of battery after he refused to comply with crew members on board a u.s. airways plane to pull up his sagging pants. he was then taken into custody and booked into county jail. on june 17th, his first court appearance was postponed. prosecutors said they needed more time to review the case. on july 12th, supporters held a rally at san francisco city hall insisting that the college star was discriminated against because he's african- american. today, july 13th
8:34 pm
the district attorney said that they would not prosecute. we spoke with the deputy district attorney stephen wagstaff about the decision. >> i was elated aas was his family were preparing for a trowel and i'm sure that would have won, but for him to not to have to go through that ordeal and get back to football it was just terrific. he did not do anything wrong he was initially charged with trespassing that was going on a plane after he went through three security gates at a boarding pass, gave him the boarding pass, when for the causeway, was seated with all of his luggage stolen away and that is when they went in on him. he believes that he was singled out because he was dressed as a hip hopper young african-american. he committed no crime. he was respectful to the pilot he called him sir several
8:35 pm
times. i think that they should have a dress policy or someone else may fall prey to this. >> that was not the deputy district attorney, that was deshon marmen attorney joe o' sullivan he adds that this man who is a frequent flier on u.s. airways and cross dresser has never been asked to do anything about his attire that is why he feels the u.s. airways it needs to apologize to deshon marmen and put in a dress code policy. now they had this to say. we welcome the d.a.'s a decision and today we hope that this will help mr. deshon marmen and his family moved past this incident. we believe our crew an employee's active professional while dealing with this unfortunate situation. >> and live look outside from the golden gate bridge, this evening, you can see that we see more clear skies than what we saw yesterday. temperatures in san
8:36 pm
francisco right now on the cooler side, 57 degrees into tomorrow we will stay in the '50s because that fog will return. headlands at tomorrow, we will start the day with fog and then into the afternoon it will become more patchy. now let us take a look at some of the high temperatures think more sixties. we will drop down a couple of degrees, 75 in santa rosa, 68 navato, 66 in san raphael. 59 in richmond. will cool down and down in the south bay it is only a to 69 tomorrow. san jose the same thing. quick look at the kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. cool weather sticking with us her we will warm up on saturday a couple of degrees. we will continue the warming trend into next week. >> a frustrated president obama reportedly walked out of a white house meeting with the congressional leaders today on raising the federal debt limit.
8:37 pm
republican house leader eric kanter says that the president told him, "do not call my bluff, i am going to the american people with this. "as the deadline draws closer and closer, the republicans and democrats seem to be getting farther and farther apart. >> i feel we are at that point to things are coming apart. >> this is the republican head of the house finance committee talking with the head of the bank, ben bernanke says that america's inability to pay its creditors will throw shock waves throughout the global system. economists say those waves include high interest rates putting homes, cars and college education beyond the reach of millions of americans. >> it would be like if you had a car and took all of the oil out of the engine that is about saving that is happening in the financial system. >> the tuesday debate
8:38 pm
failed to sway people like michelle laughlin. >> people across america are saying the spending needs to be addressed. >> on democrats say that the huge deficit was created by republicans who slashed taxes without reducing spending. when ronald reagan took office back in 1981, the u.s. was only $74 billion in debt, his tax cuts doubled the debt in eight years, by the time bill clinton became president the number had doubled again, he raised taxes and left office with a budget surplus almost as big as the debt that he inherited, george w. bush took the surplus and slashed taxes again. the result was a whopping half trillion dollar debt. while the u.s. added 3 million jobs during the bush administration the number was seven times higher under president clinton. tonight there is new pressure from wall
8:39 pm
street, moody's investor services threatened to downgrade the country's rating. they say they will review the government's triple a bond rating because the white house and congress are running out of time to raise the 14 trillion dollar borrowing limit. >> this is the new droid 3 android smart phone, it is the thinnest keyboard smart phone it hits the market tomorrow i will give you a sneak peek coming up and my tech report.
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>> as this is the droid 3 androids smart phone that hits the market tomorrow. adroit 3 keeps the slide out keyboard feature that the detroit won and to have. the motorola and freud line is one of the few that have the slide out keyboard if you like typing on real buttons, this is the phone to have,
8:42 pm
for the droid 3 is the best to have, the drawer 83 is a my right-hand drawer 82 is in my left hand, you can see that the screen is bigger. the keyboard on the drawer 83 has been redesigned and is much bigger, it is a lot bigger and much more comfortable to type on it as a fifth row for numbers so you when i have to press the shift key every time you press the numbers, i like the feeling of the keyboard. it is a smart phone with a slide out keyboard and a market it has a bigger screen and bigger slide out but it is not heavier. it has been upgraded to eight meg of pixels and records video it has a front recordable video for video chatting. it runs the in troy 2.3 gingerbread operating system it is the latest greatest android areas. the downside, it is a new phone but it is not
8:43 pm
offered on horizon's network is a 3 d phone, it makes it cheaper because the new verizon for g phones are more expensive. but it seems we're that is not offered on 4g. >> you as a soccer, one win away from being crowned world cup champs, we have the latest straight ahead and see how brian wilson stole the show tonight at the espy awards. we have a programming note to tell you about this friday, will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. will run the series finale of friday night lights that includes the highly acclaimed series, then date line and 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at
8:44 pm
11:00 p.m. monk can be seen at 11:30 p.m.. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet.
8:45 pm
and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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8:47 pm
>> says meyers right off the bat had fun with wilson. >> all of you in the 10th is the millions watching at home from the u.s. and the millions more watching from inside of brian wilson's beer. [laughter] >> you look like a villain from a luge movie. >> some pictures have a goatee, brian wilson has an and tired. it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. [laughter] >> pretty good, i have a question with a son, or a darker, say that he came home and this is my idol is brian wilson, what would you think? >> he is quirky, but he is not bad with it. >> i would hate to repeat this but as long as you win,
8:48 pm
that is how people are. maybe if he missed three games in a row and does not pitch well, no one will laugh at that. i guess i have this prejudice against anyone that has to put on a costume i am all for showing off, nonstop show off in detention while performing but you're off our if that is about on the costume, >> i am ready for a bird to fly out of his beard. it is like a nest. it is gross. >> they say that this team still likes him, sometimes they say this guy is trying to get too much attention but as long as your teammates are on your side, that is what counts. but, you have to win because it is not funny if you cannot win, but so far so good for wilson. that is right off the bat, they made a big deal out of him but what a day for you as a soccer. usa vs. france, loren cheney gives the united states a 12 nothing lead. --one to
8:49 pm
nothing lead. and then in the 79 minute, abby wob-- wombach. the u.s. will face in japan on sunday, usa 3 france has one, the world cup semifinal. the nfl is close to an agreement, all the parties there, and jerry jones and others the owners, the wording is now that the lawyers are trying to work out the language and then they will all come out and tell lies about, no, we love each other it is is one of those deals where we just worked out for the betterment of the fans, on the left, that is the commissioner roger bell, and this guy james is do what you want, but now is not the time to come out with it like this but it was in a
8:50 pm
men's magazine and he says if that man was on fire and i had to urinate to put him out, i would not do it. i hate him and will never respect him, he went on to read his teammate it been rocked with burger--went on to rid his teammate been rothlessberger. now this is call interacting. it is the future, we're interacting. question no. one,... >> gary, why did the giants batters always take the first pitch even though it is coming right down the middle like the perfect ball to get out of the park. >> look of the man in orange. now some people will tell you that is what the a's like. take pitches, a walk is as good as a hit, that is the theory i do not have any statistical data,
8:51 pm
but usually when they take a pitch, it is like i want to see with this guy has and if it is maybe not to my liking, but that by escalate the better you than me so that is my thing. no. 2. >> row when will san shows get his act together? >> i think sanchez will have to wait for someone to get hurt, this guy has a lot of time but i think he is, you know a little bit of a slump, i do not think they will be able to get anything big in regards to trade. acting to hang on to him and wait for zero to falter, or someone to get hurt and it will be valuable again. to this guy was in such a slump, they said you now have tendinitis, and they sat him down for a while. it will be hard for him to get back in now. no. 3. >> i do not know what it
8:52 pm
is, but everyone says that may weather is avoiding paki out--packiou they will say here is 50 million each and they will fight pretty soon. one more. >> and gary, is professional eating a sport? >> it is a sport if you sit at home and have nothing to do and say look, he is the thing that thing is his mouth. -test in his mouth. it but to me it is not the beauty is in the eye of beholder for me, having him stuffings in his mouth does not turn me on the there are plenty of people that enjoy it and if you like watching a guy getting stuck in his mouth, more power to you. >> it looks as though he will throw up. >> i know, but some people like it and will my to go against that. >> ok, we will see you at 11:00 p.m. and will be right back with more news after the break. i want to crush more cars.
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just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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>> and kimberlee sakamoto was your intended his lines, harry potter casting another spell over movie crowds, warner brothers announced that the last film in a series has broken the record for advance ticket sales was more than 32 million sold already. they also noted that many men night in first day showtimes are sold out across the country. a half a dozen years together and half a dozen kids later it looked like brad pitt in angelina chihli are ready to walk down the aisle. three
8:56 pm
separate sources have confirmed that they may have a marriage in the next couple of months, one possible location is their home in southeastern france where they said the wedding will be intimate and informal. the couple said they would only marry when same-sex marriage became legal. grammy-winning singer r. kelly could soon lose his home he is facing a $2.9 million foreclosure lawsuit on his suburban mansion in chicago over claims that he has failed to make mortgage payments on the home since june of last year j.p. morgan chase filed a suit last month, he is allegedly trying to force the bank into negotiating a loan modification on the 3.7 a. property by not making payments on the mortgage. >> the weather will be about the same for the next few days, that is fog the drizzly mornings and cool and breezy afternoon. it will warm up sunday in the rest of next week. >> wait for summer to come back that is set for us
8:57 pm
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